Sources For Probability

Let me start by telling why I wrote this article. While preparing for ISI, CMI I faced problems when faced with probability concepts like Independent events,Dependent events,Bayes Theorem and other related topics. Over time I learnt these topics and gained enough knowledge to do tough problems in these topics. I will be providing various sources so that you, my readers will be benefited.

  • Discrete Probability by Hugh Gordon

This book was recommended by B.J.Venkatachala sir. It explains everything from basics and is a good read for beginners. The Random Variables chapter and parts thereof can be ignored. Link to the book is given below,

  • A First Course In Probability by Sheldon Ross

A great read. Must read book. All the concepts have been clearly explained.Link,

  • Probability through Problems

An advanced book. More abstract, but has some very good problems. Do try the problems in Chapter 7. Link,

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